Biomass Boilers

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At the Sackstore we distribute the Heatmor range of Biomass Boilers who are the leaders in the stainless steel outdoor biomass boiler industry. We have a working boiler on display which heats our award winning showroom building and cafe and 5 display models on our premises, please contact us for further details and brochures.

biomass boiler 100css   biomass boiler 200css   biomass boiler 400css8
Biomass Boiler 100CSS   Biomass Boiler 200CSS   Biomass Boiler 400DCSS
biomass boiler 600css9   biomass boiler 800css2   biomass heat meter
Biomass Boiler 600CSS   Biomass Boiler 800CSS   Heat Meter
50plate heatechanger   70plate heatexchanger   120plate heatexchanger
50 Plate Heat Exchanger   70 Plate Heat Exchanger   120 Plate Heat Exchanger