Heatmor Biomass Boiler 600CSS

biomass boiler 600css

Come and view the Heatmor range of Biomass Boilers at The Sackstore where we can advise you on the Biomass Boiler suitable for your needs.


LOWER or ELIMINATING heating bills.
NO MESS inside your home.
NO RISK OF FIRE in your home from an outside biomass boiler.
NO WORRY of carbon monoxide poisoning due to gas fumes.
NO INCONVENIENCE of splitting or hauling wood into your home.


biomass boiler 600css9
Model   600CSS
Limited Warranty   Lifetime
Weight (lbs)   2800
Height   100"
Width   63"
Length   106"
Forced Draft (CFM)   2 x 150
Chimney Diameter   10"
Firebox Dimensions   60" length, 37" width, 47" height
Heating Area (square feet)   18,000
Water Capacity (US gallons)   285 (approx)
Firebox Door Opening (WxH)   30" x 36"
Energy Produced   175 kw
MANUFACTURED with 7 gauge 409 stainless steel.

Capable of heating up to 18000 square feet, the 600CSS is specifically designed to heat large or multiple buildings.

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The Heatmor residential models are capable of burning certified types of coal. By adding the Shaker Grate Option to your Heatmor Outdoor Furnace, you will easily be able to burn coal as well as cord wood in the same unit. For more information, please contact the Sackstore. 
Most warranties, no matter how many years of coverage they provide, are only good as long as certain "conditions" or maintenance procedures are adhered to. HEATMOR provides you with an "unconditional" warranty on defects in materials and workmanship as well as corrosion. As long as you operate your furnace in accordance with the safety guide lines set forth in the owners manual, your limited lifetime warranty is intact.
 HEATMOR uses stainless steel in the construction of their outdoor wood furnaces because it is proven to last up to 3 times longer than mild steel no matter what the gauge is. HEATMOR pioneered the use of 409 Stainless Steel in outdoor furnaces in 1988 and has set the standard for the industry ever since.  
The HEATMOR over/under forced air draft makes our furnace more combustion efficient therefore, it produces a very fine ash. Approximately 5-8 gallons of these ashes can be safely and conveniently emptied out the rear of the furnace every 2-3 weeks. (Note: Use a noncombustible container for ash storage.)