Clearview Stoves

The Sackstore Clearview Difference

The Sackstore c1850 probably has the largest working display of Clearview Stoves and accessories on display in the UK.

Please call in to view our vast range of which a lot of models are on working display at our showroom in Boston, Lincolnshire.

You can enjoy the warmth and hypnotic flames at The Sackstore as we have probably the largest working display of Clearview Wood Burning Stoves, with efficiencies so high that smoke emissions are five times less than a conventional stove.

Clearview Pioneer 400   clearview pioneer 400p stove   clearview solution 400 stov
Clearview Pioneer 400 Stove 5kW   Clearview 400P Stove 5kW   Clearview Solution 400 Stove 5kW
clearview vision inset stove   clearview oven stove   clearview vision 500 stove 
Clearview Vision Inset Stove 5kW   Clearview Oven Stove 6kW   Clearview Vision 500 Stove  8kW 
clearview solution 500 stov2   clearview solution 500sb   clearview 650 stove
 Clearview Solution 500 Stove 8kW   Clearview Solution 500SB Stove 8kW     Clearview 650 Stove 12kW
    clearview 750 stove    
    Clearview 750 Stove 14kW    

Clearview Wood Burning Stoves have announced the successful testing of their stoves for use in U.K. smoke control areas.

Clearview are very proud to be the first manufacturer of the first multi-fuel stove to pass.
This means that “Clearview Smoke Control Stoves” can be used in smoke control areas throughout the UK
to burn wood and any smokeless fuel authorised.