Find Out About Clearview Stoves

Find Out About Clearview Stoves


Clearview Stoves are made in the UK from quality materials. They are the leading manufacturer of clean wood burning and multi fuel stoves in the country. The Sack Store, Stamford Garden Centre and Clearview Stoves care passionately about the environment. It is that shared philosophy that has made us such great partners for so many years and it is the reason why Clearview Stoves have been our best selling stove for so many years. Clearview Stoves have been ahead of their time for many years and with a Smoke Control Kit available for each model, they will continue to meet the new government requirements for stoves wherever you live.


Quote: Ark20192 to receive a free smoke control kit on every Clearview stove ordered before the end of March 2019 or receive 10% of the value of the stove for accessories that range from log baskets to companion sets to stove cleaning products and stove gloves.



So what’s special about them?

We won’t bore you with all the boring technical stuff but if you want to come into the Sack Store and talk to one of our Hetas approved experts, we will be glad to arrange it for you. Quite simply Clearview Stoves are probably the cleanest stove you can buy. With self cleaning glass controlled by an airwash that prevents it getting black and super effective heat control, they always look great and do the job they are there for: they keep your house, your family, your friends and you warm and cosy.

How much space do I need?

Clearview Stoves come in a range of styles and sizes. We can advise on which one you need based on the information that you give us and the size of your room. We always provide a Free Survey so you can be sure that you order the right one.

We will be happy to send you a brochure and of course you can go onto the Clearview website but here are the models that Clearview make:


Images coming soon

Can’t wait? Call us on 01205 310101 and we will put a brochure in the post.