Sack Store Hub

Sack Store Hub

New and available now

Are you a visitor to the area? Would you like somewhere to work? Do you work from home? Would you like a change of scenery? Does your WiFi fall short for your business needs? Do you need somewhere to work and collaborate with others without it costing a fortune?

The Sack Store may be your answer.

We are working at developing informal workspace with great Wifi in fantastic surroundings with comfortable chairs, great coffee and free parking. And all for an introductory price of £10 a day to include a free coffee and top up from our amazing cafe.


Introductory Offers

We are inviting our first ten clients to experience the Sack Store Hub free.

Pay for five visits and receive a free pass for a day.

All we ask in return is that you spare us a few minutes to give us some feedback on how we can make your experience even better. We are a work in progress but already offer desks or comfortable sofa areas in a quiet area next door to our busy cafe. Choose your drink, log in to Wifi and work in comfortable surroundings. How can you go wrong?

If you have any suggestions about how we can help meet your needs, please contact for a chat.